Landscape is much more beyond a group of handful flowering shrubs and patches of lawn with a waterfall.

Any good landscape shall to be excellent to look at plus it should be the best space to perform all required outdoor activities. If any landscape which fulfills these basic norms can be an example of good landscape. Landscape is not only to look at but it is something to feel about. The landscape shall have a strength to crate expected feel in the mind of user.

Such theme of landscape can be implemented to space of any scale starting from few square meters of terrace garden / courtyard or al large township or also any size.

It is a false assumption that you need large areas to create an interesting landscape, a small area with thoughtful design can also become space of interest. A good landscape can range between few square meters to several hectors.

Each landscape design is based on specific requirements and does differ from one site to site. An element or a plant which suits one site may be totally off the place for second site. Selection of landscape elements such as flooring material, sit outs, benches, fountain, other street furniture and pergola etc. Is a skilled job and all those elements in one place shall gel well with each other.

Several natural phenomenons creates impact on the landscape such as land area, terrain, climatic conditions, water flow and availability, water table etc.

A good landscape is a perfect combo of soft and hard landscape, open and shaded areas, greens and other colors, tress and shrubs , water and hard elements. Such good landscape also shall reflect the taste of the user for private areas.

A thoughtful and well worked out landscape offers excellent areas and looks for all outdoor areas. As we plan our interiors we need to plan our outdoors also.

A space along with thoughtful and creative landscape architect can lead to a great outdoor experience.