About Us

About Us

Welcome to Kalpak Y. Bhave.

Graduated from Academy of Architecture - Mumbai in 1989 and post graduated in landscape from school of planning and architecture - New Delhi in 1992.

Started practicing in Mumbai from 1992 as consulting and landscape architect.

I am a visiting faculty since last 21+ years to various architecture collages in the subject of landscape.


Years Of Experience

Vastu Based Landscape

One always consult a Vastu person to check our interiors of the house along with interior designer and follow his / her suggestions and guidelines for our prosperity, health and peace of mind.

Along with this it is important to check and evaluate whether the pot of project do follow vastu principals or not. We need to check Weather Existing Locations of Trees, Site Entry, Existing Lake or Pond, H.T Lines, Site Slopes, Exposed Rock are as per vastu or not? Do they need any rectifications or corrections? Without study and rectification of the same you will not get the total benefit of vastu.

We offer a single handed solutions of landscape layouts based on vastu so you do not have to consult any other vastu person / agency.

A single window solution will save time, efforts and money of yours to design beautiful landscapes which are vastu based.

Eco Landscape

This is a landscape based on ecological principles. This results usage of local climatic species, using landsforms with minimum or no modifications, maintaining natural waterflows, retaining as much natural vegetation possible

Eco landscapes are those which can be executed in economical budgets. A certain detailing is worked out to cut down the cost without compromising the landscape effect. There are various ways by which we control the landscape development cost of the project. These remedies depends upon site location, contours, expected usage and many more. An economical landscape for one site may differ from other site.

Landscape Audit

We carry out landscape audit for project where landscape had not been design at all or needs upgradation. We study the entire landscape or open spaces and prepare a report suggesting the best usage for all open areas or what kind of face lift is required will be suggested in report so this will save your cost of development and every penny you spend will get you returns.

Single Window Designing

We can render architectural and landscape services for projects like farmhouses, resorts, amusement parks, water parks where we design the entire project including interiors.

This helps project to cut down cost, time and efforts. Being a single designing agency we take care of proposed interior and landscape while designing the buildings hence repetition of work is skipped and execution can start asap.

Landscape Mockups

We design landscape mockups for exhibitions since 2006. We have been designing mockups for Acetec, Economic Times, Times of India and Host. These designs are worked out based on participating agencies and their products only. This mockup are helpful to showcase the working and usage of various products and services used in landscape as visitor can view and experience product / services in better way.

Visiting Faculty and Moderator

I had been visiting faculty to various architectural college line Sir J.J College of Architecture, Academy of Architecture, L.S. Raheja College of Architecture, Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Architecture, Kamla Raheja Foundation since last 25 years.

I was also a paper setter and moderator for landscape in B. Arch course for University of Mumbai.

Our Mission

Our mission was to design landscape which is not only nice to look at but can be extensively used for various activities. Design an affordable landscape which is easy to maintain.

Our Values

Our values are well defined from day one – genuine efforts for design for all projects, no repetation of any design in our another project. We believe designing each space freshly for any new project. We do not use our own detailing in any project of our only. Time is a very important factor and it has never happended in last 30 years that we have changed any commitment given.


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